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Submitted: 02 May 2012 Modified: 14 May 2013
HERDIN Record #: R07-SU-05021205051537

The interrelationship of the levels of knowledge, attitude and practices on infection control and selected demographic characteristics among hospital nurses in Dumaguete City.

This study sought to determine interrelationship of the levels of knowledge, attitude and practices on infection control of nurses in the hospitals of Dumaguete City. It also aimed to find relationships among the selected demographic characteristics (age, length of experience, educational qualification, position and continuing education) and the knowledge, attitude and practices on infection control.
The respondents consisted of 70 nurses employed in the three hospitals of Dumaguete City: the Holy Child Hospital, Silliman University Medical Center, and the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital.
The Statistics used to analyze the data were Fisher's test for linearity, the Pearsonian Coefficient of Correlation with Z test to test its significance, the Phi Coefficient, the Peasonian Chi-square with Yate's Correction for Continuity and Z-test. The level of significance was at 0.01
Analysis of the data revealed that nurses working in the hospital setting were not equi[[ed with the sufficient knowledge and practices on infection control. They, however, possessed good attitude. Furthermore, there was no significant positive correlation among the knowledge, attitude and practices on infection control and the selected demographic characteristics.
Some of the identified reasons for not following the principles and protocols of the universal precautions, especially on hand washing procedure, use of protective gloves and disposal of contaminated sharps were: too busy; not enough time to follow procedure; too many patients; and forgetfulness. Other respondents commented that they just assumed that their hands were clean and that the use of alcohol disinfectant was thought to be sufficient substitute for hand washing. The noncompliance of others to the principles of hand washing was also identified as a factor. Other identified factors were lack of equipment and facilities and limited supplies of gloves. Others believed that recapping of contaminated needles is a practice that will protect them and others from getting stuck.
It was also found out that a number of nurses were stuck with contaminated needles. Some reported the incident while majority did not. There were three reasons identified for not reporting the incident. First, it was not the usual practice to report this type of incidents. Second, even if the incident was reported, no action would be taken. Third, checking the physical appearance and the history of the patient was enough to assure them of safety.
The recommendations were intended to sustain awareness of the importance of a scrupulous practice of the research-based infection control guidelines, update and enhance the knowledge level of the practitioners, and to improve the infection control practices.
An action plan was formulated by the nurse-researcher to facilitate implementation of the recommendation.

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The study will attempt to answer the following questions:
1. What is the level of knowledge on infection control among nurses working in the hospital setting?
2. What is the level of attitude towards infection control guidelines and protocols among nurses working in the
hospital setting?
3. What is the extend of practice on universal precautions among nurses working in the hospital setting?
4. Is there a significant positive relationship among knowledge, attitude and practices on infection control?
5. Are there significant positive relationships among knowledge, attitude and practices, on one hand, and the
demographic characteristics, viz., age, length of experience, educational qualifications, position, and continuing
education, on the other?
6. What are the factors that contribute to the nurses' compliance or non-compliance to the universal precautions?

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