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Submitted: 26 May 2016 Modified: 26 May 2016
HERDIN Record #: R02-CVHRDC-16052610221535

Activity of Theobroma cacao L. seeds, pulp and hull extracts against different strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

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Tuberculosis is a disease that continues to garner attention all over the world. Easily spread through the air, the disease continues to afflict millions of people across the globe every year. The causative agent of tuberculosis is Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The organism is characterized as having a complex membrane that make it resistant to a lot of antibiotics. The regular tuberculosis treatment last several months. The presence of multi-drug resistant strains makes treatment difficult. The study investigated Theobroma cacao seeds, pulp and seed hull extract as possible source of antimicrobials against M. tuberculosis. The disc diffusion assay was performed using isoniazid as control. Measurement showed that all extract rated  inactive against M. tuberculosis. There was a significant different in the measurements from the extracts and the control. The lack of activity against pathogen may be due to the thick cell membrane of M. tuberculosis and its characteristic secretion.

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Research Report


The study aimed to determine the activity of Theobroma cacao L. seeds, seed pulp and seed hull extract in inhibiting the growth of M. tuberculosis in-vitro. This study can contribute to the increasing effort being done to discover new novel antimicrobials for the treatment of infectious disease.

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