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Submitted: 17 May 2017 Modified: 22 May 2017
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Tetanus: A review and report of cases.

Antonio W. Del Alcazar

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In this article an attempt was made to review the present state of tetanus management and to show by citing cases how management of this common entity can at times be full of danger. The following is the basic principles in treating tetanus:
(1) Assurance of adequate airways at all times by means of tracheostomy,
(2) Elimination of the Clostridia tetani from the host with the use of antibiotics and wound debridement,
(3) Neutralize the circulating toxins by giving 60,000 - 100,000 of ATS in one dose,
(4) Support the patient with adequate electrolyte replacement therapy, parenteral feeding and good nursing care, and
(5) Anticipate dangers of sudden muscular spasms by having adequate and effective drugs, and the availability of a respirator to meet the situation.

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Bulletin of the V. Luna General Hospital Medical Society
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September 1964
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