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HERDIN Record #: R07-CIM-18060811473081 Submitted: 08 June 2018 Modified: 14 August 2018

In vitro calcium oxalate crystallization inhibition by Cucurbita maxima (squash) meat hydroalcoholic extract: an approach to anti lithiasis.

Janica Loren  Alquire ,
Chalres Louiei Arenas ,
Alfie Calingacion ,
Joresza De Claro,
Clarissa Mae Derecho ,
Mario Rafael Estella Jr.,
Alyzah Masorong ,
Juan Bernando Lava,
Beryl Bernadine Salazar,
Penpilai Sutantawong,
Maria Philina Villamor,
Lilith Karmel Villarante

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Context/Background: Kidneys perform a wide variety of functions needed for the proper functioning of the human body. Renal calculi, or kidney stones, arise from various crystallized substances found in the urine. Objective: This study primarily aims to determine the in vitro inhibition of calcium oxalate crystal growth by Cucurbita maxima meat extracts. Specifically, it aims to determine the effect of 5%, 10% and 20% concentrations of Cucurbita maxima meat extracts on the turbidity of the artificial urine sample through absorbance reading. Study Design: Experimental-Post-Test Only Control Group Design. Maneuver: Three experimental groups were treated with different concentrations of squash extract (5%,10%, and 20%) versus the control group with no treatment. An artificial urine was made using standard procedures. The addition of calcium chloride and sodium oxalate will cause the formation of calcium oxalate in the sample. Treatments were added to corresponding test tubes and 10 minutes incubation time was followed. Outcomes Measures: The turbidity of the samples were determined using spectrophotometric technique. Based on the data gathered, inhibition of calcium oxalate formation was determined using analysis of variance as a statistical stool. Results: Using ANOVA, there was a significant difference in the in vitro inhibition of calcium oxalate crystal formation treated with different concentrations of Cucurbita maxima meat extracts. Using Duncan's multiple range test, all treatment 1,2 and 3 are significantly different with the control set-up. However, treatment 2 and 1 are not significantly different. Conclusion: Based on the data gathered, as squash meat extract concentration increases, the percent of inhibition of calcium oxalate in the sample also increases. The % of inhibition for the three different experimental groups was most high as the in treatment 3 having 20% (v/v) squash meat extract, followed by treatment treatment 2 having 10% (v/v) squash meat extract then lastly the treatment 1 having 5% (v/v) squash meat extract. However, through statistical analysis, both treatment 1 and 2 showed no significant difference. This means that the percent of inhibition on treatments 1 and 2 does not differ from each other. Keywords: squash, Cucurbita maxima, calcium oxalate crystals, anti lithiasis.   

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Cebu Institute of Medicine Abstract
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