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Submitted: 24 September 2018 Modified: 24 September 2018
HERDIN Record #: R07-USC-18092409570274

Hypoglycemic effect of the mature seed case of Baguio beans Phaseolus vulgaris Linn (1654) on male albino mice.

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In this study, the hypoglycemic activity of the mature seed case of the pure juice of Phaseolus vulgaris Linn. was obtained by expression using a cheesecloth and was tested. The positive control used was a five milligram glipzide tablet, dissolved in enough quantity of distilled water to make 100 ml with the strength of 0.05 mg/ml. The negative control used was distilled water. Hyperglycemia was induced on male albino mice using 35mg/ml or 3.5 alloxan solution which was orally administered using a tuberculin syringe. Hyperglycemic blood glucose levels were determined 36 hours after induction of alloxan. Then the four doses of the pure juice and the positive control (glipzide) with dose of 0.26 ml per 20 gram mouse were administered to the designated mouse, once a day for eight days. Blood sugar levels were taken on the 7th day and last day of treatments using a glucometer. Three trials with three replicates were performed in the experiment. The results obtained showed that the four doses of the pure juice have a hypoglycemic activity against the alloxan-induced hyperglycemic albino mice but differences in percent reduction between each doses and the positive control proved to be significant. Group 1 (1.0 ml) with 27.39%, Group 2 (0.5ml) with 16.04%, Group 3 (0.25ml) with 6.96%, Group 4 (0.1 ml) with 6.77% and the Group 5 (positive) with the highest hypoglycemic reduction of 39.38%. Based on the conclusion of the study, the researchers recommend increasing the dose of the pure juice to and also to do the phytochemical screening on the matured seed case of the Phaseolus vulgaris Linn. to know what metabolites are present on it.

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Thesis Degree
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March 2012
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University of San Carlos-Josef Baumgartner Learning Resource Center, Science and Technology Section T / P149m Fulltext Print Format (Ask the Information Officer)
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